Could there be anything as exciting as visiting the world’s largest sand desert, the Rub Al Khali? Well, there is! The splendid Liwa Oasis Tour takes you around the expanse of this intriguing desert, nicknamed as the Empty Quarter. Home to the desert settlement of the native tribes in the 18th Century, it is well-known for its majestic golden-red sand dunes. Head over to the luscious liwa oasis and relax in the beautiful serenity.

  • Witness the majestic sand dunes during your 4 hour dune drive towards Liwa Oasis.
  • Admire the changing landscape from a bustling city to a serene desert
  • Take part in sand boarding as you slide along the slopes of the sand dunes and observe the Tal Mireb or the Moreeb dune which is ranked among the highest sand dunes in the world.


Renowned as the world’s largest sand desert, the Rub al Khali captivates your attention with its eternal sand mass and ever-changing backdrops. Covering across an area of 650,000 square kilometres, Rub’ al Khali stretches over the borders of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and the UAE. The Empty Quarter of the secluded ground, which is a part of the extensive Arabian desert is only second in size to the Sahara. The sky scraping dunes and never-ending desert pave the way for various adventures in the wilderness. Get to know everything about dune climbing from a Liwa desert expert. Once you are an experienced dune trekker, climbing the rest wouldn’t be a challenge at all.


Liwa, also renowned as Liwa Oasis, is a fascinating destination located in the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Travellers have abundant choices to indulge in Liwa, including free activities to try, discovering the desert environment, sightseeing its famous highlights, kid’s entertainment and many more to come. In this guide, we have put up Liwa’s best attractions, places to visit and things to do. Given that, travellers could plan their trip to Liwa with every single detail in mind.


  • Stay excited in the Empty Quarter – Liwa Oasis

Once occupied by the Bani Yas Tribe, the Liwa Oasis is found on the northern edge of Rub al Khali’s isolated desert hideaway. Sun-drenched sandbanks scattered across the Oasis makes it even more attractive to spend the day. Liwa oasis displays the most extended palm tree expanse of the Middle East region which lies within a part of this sand-rimmed secluded territory. The underground natural water reserves are the significant feeding sources of date cultivation and palm trees. As the leading date farming region in the UAE, Liwa also attracts a large number of local and international visitors. It will be an everlasting memory for the visitors to sight a destination on earth where the desert meets the greens. The lush green palm trees and shimmering dunes create sublime backdrops for BBQ, lunch out and picnics with your friends and family.

  • Hike the world’s biggest dune in the UAE – Tel Moreeb

As the name represents – “Scary Hill” so-called Tel Moreeb is the ideal place for some real adventure in the UAE. Renowned as the UAE’s tallest and the world’s biggest dune mountain, Moreeb Dune elevates up to 300 meters and stretches beyond 1600 meters. Getting on to the summit is one of a kind challenge, yet it gives the spectacular vistas of the sun-kissed desert. This vertiginous sand mountain is well-known for drag racing, dune bashing, camel trekking and several other off-road racing events. The peak season in Tel Moreeb begins during the Liwa International Festival where numerous adventures are held.

  • Visit the Camel farm

Can you imagine a desert without camels? So do the desert of Liwa, which has a notable camel density. The camels found around the Liwa desert consist of unique species called “Liwa camels”. One could observe the ships of the wilderness free of charge in the Liwa desert, during their journey to Tel Moreeb. These camel farms belong to Bedouins – They are a group of semi-nomadic Arab people who are always attached to camels. Unlike other camels you have seen in Abu Dhabi neighbourhood, the camels residing in the Liwa desert are unique in colour. This is why they are known as “black camels, originated from Saudi Arabia. On a lucky day, you will witness herds of black camels passing along the sandy desert of Liwa. Also, take this opportunity to sit back and go on a camel ride and sip a cup of fresh camel milk.

  • Meet the Epic desert Fortress – Fort Dhafeer

In addition to desert adventure, visiting Fort Dhafeer is one of the tourist attractions in Liwa. Representing the structure of a real sandcastle, at first glance, you will never believe it is a man-made construction. These simple strongholds built in the past helped protect the region from the outbreaks by rival tribes. Although there is nothing much to discover within, it gives you a clue of the 19th-century mud-brick architecture practised by the Emiratis. Nevertheless, you will never regret visiting this place as the charismas lies at the roof-top view. Climb up the staircase to the terrace where you will encounter dunes spanning over miles and miles.

  • A walk in the desert to remember

Although there are plenty of things to do in Liwa, the desert walk is a must include in your bucket list. Feel the desert breeze blowing towards your face as you pass by sand rims and enormous dunes. The powdery sand below your feet and the deep lustrous yellow sky above head creates a memorable desert walk indeed. However, we highly recommend you to keep an eye on a landmark or your vehicle as the chances of getting lost are high. Make sure the distance of your car is within reach. Also, carry plenty of water to stay hydrated while you are feeling the spirit of desert walk.

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