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Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dubai is definitely an exciting place to be at, with huge skyscrapers to see, dazzling beaches to relax and delicious food to enjoy. However, sightseeing during the day can be a bit tiring, especially during the summers when the temperature sores up and the sun is very harsh. Nevertheless, you do not need to sit in your hotel room just because of the heat. A great way of viewing the amazing delights of Dubai is by going for a dhow dinner on Dubai Marina Cruise. Dhow Cruise Dubai is a tour operator that organizes memorable dhow cruises for their customers.

What To Expect at Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise?

Dubai Marina is an artificial waterbody constructed along a 3 km stretch of the Persian Gulf coastline. It is one of the most amazing waterfront developments that is flanked by skyscrapers, shopping malls, and hotels. This 2-hour cruise will take you on a mesmerizing journey on the tranquil waters of the Dubai Marina. You can feast your eyes on some of the most stunning landmarks of the city, beautifully illuminated in the evening lights. Consisting of an upper and lower deck, these dhows are colorfully decorated in traditional Emirati style. They are air conditioned and come with all the latest amenities with soothing music playing in the background. You can savor a lavish buffet dinner, sit back and enjoy captivating cultural performances including the Tanura dance show. Dhow Cruise Dubai promises you an unforgettable evening filled with many happy moments.

Why Choose Cruise At Dubai Marina?

Dhow Cruise Dubai is one of the best tour companies in Dubai. We make sure that our guests are comfortable and have a great time while cruising. Here is a list of services that we provide when you choose to tour Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise with us.

  • Gatewayz Tourism is the Reliable & #No1 Dhow Cruise Booking in UAE.
  • With a variety of dining choices, we cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers at industry-best Dhow Cruise with Dinner price.
  • While the lower deck is fully air conditioned, the dhow’s upper deck is partly open and provides the scenic views of Dubai skyline, which is particularly mind blowing at sundown.
  • The duration of the cruise is 90 Minutes, you get ample time to drink, dine, admire exquisite sights, and relax too.
  • The duration of the cruise is 90 Minutes, you get ample time to drink, dine, admire exquisite sights, and relax too.
  • Separate washrooms are provided for both men and women inside the dhow.
  • Even though our dhow is completely secure, we are equipped with things like emergency medical kit, life jackets, fire safety, etc. in case of any problem during the trip.
  • 90 minutes Cruising in Dubai Marina, Yacht Club, Marina Towers.
  • International 5-Star buffet with Veg & Non-Veg dishes. Marina (Food Menu)
  • Welcome drinks, Water, Tea & Coffee.
  • Tanura Dance by a professional artist.
  • Soft Background Music.
  • Optional Pick up and drop off Facility.
  • Secured Online Payment
  • Simplified Booking System
  • 100% Reliable & Online Support
  • Click Buy Ticket Now for fast online payment
  • Direct WhatsApp chat with our expert team https://wa.link/jv65qn

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